Day-Break Cam & Groove for Hose & Pipe
Quick Couplings (2)

For safe fluid handling
In sizes from 1” to 6” and a wide range of material options, Dry-Break couplings offer advanced fluid handling solutions for a diverse range of industries. Major offshore exploration, chemical, pharmaceutical and petro chemical companies rely on couplings to safely transfer their most aggressive or valuable products. Designed for safe and easy use with minimum operator intervention. Couplings offer an unbeatable combination of technical, safety and performance features.

How it works
Turning the hose unit 15° clockwise locks the units together. The valves are still closed and are not opened until a further rotation of 90° has been performed and then the product flow is guaranteed. To close the valve and to unlock the units, reverse the procedure.



  • Valves open and close automatically on connection and disconnection.
  • Simple single action operation, no levers or switches to operate.
  • Valves are guaranteed closed prior to disconnection.
  • Minimal residual loss on disconnection (e.g. maximum 0.35cc for 2” DN50).
  • Will connect and disconnect under pressure and flow where necessary.
  • Extremely reliable, very few moving parts
  • Robust construction, no external operational components.
  • Available with selectivity system to prevent cross contamination.
  • Reduces spillages to virtually zero.
  • Dramatically improves both operational and fugitive emission performance.
  • Reduces the possibility of human error in transfer operations.
  • Improves efficiency.