Transchem (SS)


Composite hose made from polypropylene fabrics and fi lms with an abrasion resistant PVC coated fabric cover. The hose has an inner wire of stainless steel 316 and is lined with layers of PTFE fi lm. The outer wire is galvanised mild steel.

Chemical Group 3 Hose.

Principal Applications
Solflon is suitable for the transfer of the most aggressive chemicals and searching solvents. The PTFE liner has a low co-efficient of friction making the hose also suitable for the conveyance of high viscosity products such as paint. Electrical continuity is maintained by the hose wires being securely connected to the fittings.

Special Applications
Solfl on can be supplied with a stainless steel 316 outer wire for applications involving corrosive atmospheres and splash. This hose is called Solflon-S.

Complies with EN 13765 Type 2.

Depending on the conveyant -30°C to +80°C.

Standard Production Lengths
20 metres